​​Your choice of custom designs
Pick the pattern you want on the type of stone that work best for your property, including slate, tile, or brick. All of our materials are feature freeze thaw resistance for your convenience. Custom-create your own pattern or choose from our pre-designed collection.
>Belgian fan
>Herringbone slate
>Philly blue 
>Eueo firestone       
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>Flower rock                 

​>and much more!        



Concrete Stamps

Give your property a facelift today
Enjoy stamped concrete with detailed patterns and designs that can make any old walkway or patio seem like new. We can decorate your existing stone or install new. Because we're a distributor for Surecrete, we have access to all the latest concrete stamps and other modern decorative concrete techniques.  The choice is yours for a variety of hardscaping needs, including:



>Retaining walls

>Outside Grills

Hiawatha, IA 


Decorative Concrete Innovations

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